Why Your LMS Infrastructure Matters

As continuing education evolves to meet the needs of our always-online world, you need a technology partner that can rise to the challenges of today’s education needs. In this age of the Amazon cloud, most of us just assume that redundancy, disaster recovery and high availability are part of a vendor's product offering. Sadly, this is not always the case. 

At CloudCME®, we deliver modern computing based on VMWare, combined with several other key technologies, to ensure you can focus on your work without service outages or slow/poor performance. And we back this up with a 99.9% uptime guarantee in each contract.


CloudCME® Technologies



CloudCME® has an A+ score from SSL Labs, meaning we have taken all the steps necessary to ensure that all server security is up to the current best practices with regards to certificates, protocols and encryption strength.  All staff complete security training and following secure coding practices that is reviewed and refreshed at least annually. Microsoft's .net Framework and SQL Server Enterprise's 'Always Encrypted' feature adds additional layers of protection to CloudCME®.

System Architecture

CloudCME® is built to be scalable, reliable, and capable. We leverage a major industry hosting provider in order to meet the needs of our customers’ varying workloads. Using the latest virtualization technologies, we can add servers or increase storage and memory in minutes. Our data center has multiple generators and UPS systems feature N+1 redundancy. Our data center utilizes Cogent, Level3, Verizon and Comcast direct connections to these leading backbones, resulting in minimum latency and fail over if any one network has issues.

Disaster Recovery & Backups

CloudCME® was designed with the worst-case scenario in mind. That’s why we back up your data in multiple locations within the United States. CloudCME® maintains backup locations in both Arizona and North Carolina, with backups being shuttled to these locations via a secure internal network connection maintained by Liquid Web™. CloudCME® maintains full backups of your entire CE system – both database and files you have uploaded – daily. We conduct annual disaster recovery drills to ensure we can be back up and running as quickly as possible if something goes wrong. We use services such as Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM) and Acronis to guarantee the integrity and durability of our backup solution.

PCI Compliance

CloudCME® has a long-term contract with a certified 3rd party cybersecurity auditing firm, also referred to as a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). This ensures we follow all security best practices including server vulnerability scans and web application penetration tests. Our annual PCI security assessment questionaries (SAQ), are signed by the QSA as well as CloudCME®.  We work closely with our Qualified Security Assessor on an annual basis to make sure that our systems are protected and secured against the latest known cyber security threats via web application testing, penetration testing, and technical interviews with our staff. Our hosting provider also maintains SSAE-16 compliance, and can we can provide our signed SAQ-D, upon request.

Uptime & Performance Monitoring

The CloudCME® team is constantly checking up on your CE system via automated reporting tools, which allows our team to be proactive rather than reactive. The CloudCME® IT team utilizes Nagios®, Cloudflare®, and VMWare’s built-in reporting. These tools are all connected to PagerDuty®, which allows for our IT team to respond to alerts in near real-time and provide 24/7/365 support for your CE system.

SSL Labs A plus security rated
System Architecture

PCI Compliance validated by 3rd party cyber security firm nGuard

Uptime and Performance Monitoring